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Complete engineering, manufacturing and application capabilities related to ultra-precision air bearing technologies


Metrology Gages

the science of measurement

Tolerances are getting tighter, precision machining more demanding, and shop efficiency more valuable. How are you keeping pace? ABTech designs and manufactures the most accurate and easy-to-use form measurement gages.

Precision Motion

rotary and linear systems

Whether you need a single component or a multi-axis system with sub-micron accuracy and smooth motion, ABTech’s rotary and linear air bearings, and high-speed air bearing spindles will match your demands for precision performance.
960Contract Measurement

Contract Measurement

expanding your capabilities ABTech offers contract geometry measurement services providing you with added confidence in first article inspections, manufacturing process verification, sourced part inspections, and production part lot or batch certifications.

Custom Engineering

extending your expertise Looking for the perfect system, but can’t find it? Nearly all our products have been created from situations like that. We take pride in our ability to listen, learn and design the best possible solution.  Don’t settle, perfection is within your reach.
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