The CEO and the Coach Part 1 In this interview, Ken Abbott, CEO of ABTech in Fitzwilliam, NH, sits down with Jeff Saari, business coach, to discuss his journey into entrepreneurship, leadership, and mindfulness. Plug in and listen to Ken’s journey to creating a workplace culture that is productive, effective, and fun!   The CEO [Read More]

In honor of  National Engineer’s Week, we took the time to talk with some of the engineers here at ABTech. We wanted to find out how they got the “spark” that made them want to go into this field.   “As far back as I can remember I always wondered how things worked and I [Read More]

For the second year in a row, we have realized an increase of more than 50% in shipped orders from the year before! “Thank you” to all of our customers, suppliers, and selling partners for your continued support. We are proud to have maintained so many loyal customers that have honored us with their business [Read More]

It’s the day before Thanksgiving, 2016 has flown by and you’re probably looking forward to spending the weekend feasting with family and friends! Before tomorrow’s holiday, we took the time to ask a few ABTech employees what they have to be thankful for this year. Here are some of the answers we got:  “Having family [Read More]

What does it take to implement an MRP system? Let’s be honest, how many people actually know what an MRP system is? From what I have gathered from our experience, ‘More Reams of Paper’ seems to be appropriate. But an actual MRP system is a Material Requirement Planning or a Manufacturing Resource Planning system. This [Read More]

Production Supervision (aka Mr. Versatile) Alfred’s path to ABTech started when he purchased his first car, a 1989 Ford Bronco II.  He wanted a professional opinion so he brought his new wheels to a garage to have it looked over by a mechanic. The mechanic told him that the rear wheel bearings needed to be [Read More]

Self-Aware Leadership and its Impact on Business By Jeff Saari; Reprinted with permission by The Business Journal of Greater Keene, Brattleboro & Peterborough. “…Ken Abbott, President of ABTech Inc. says, ‘You can run your business with compassion, empathy, and spirituality and still run a tight ship, be more successful and profitable, less stressed and create [Read More]

Inspiration and Motivation through Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA Program) Going into business for yourself is both scary and exciting. It is a learning process that doesn’t have a manual for all the questions or obstacles you may encounter. But the Young Entrepreneurs Academy at Keene State College (YEA) and co-sponsor The Greater Keene Chamber of [Read More]

  Wrapping Up the Year This year started out with a pretty rough for us at ABTech. The winter weather was doing a number on us, and things didn’t seem to be lining up on the business side either. In Q2, with the first signs of spring in the air bringing a reprieve from the [Read More]

Each month ABTech has a potluck luncheon where employees make a special dish or bring in side dishes for all to share. Usually, there is a theme assigned to these luncheons, Irish dishes around St. Patrick’s Day, or soups (chowdahs to the locals!) during the harsh winter months. Barbecue’s during the summer are always popular [Read More]

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Every product we sell exemplifies our company-wide commitment to "Pride in Precision" craftsmanship. To that end, all of our products are designed, manufactured, and tested exclusively by ABTech at our New Hampshire facility.

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