Model EAS1000 Genspect System

Model EAS1000

Genspect System

GE Tooling #9471M13P03

EAS1000 Genspect System

EAS1000 Genspect System Close Up


  • Model AT300/300-A5 12” (305 mm) diameter air bearing

  • BEI 1000 line count rotary encoder assembly

  • Model HDTC4-300/449 tilt and center assembly with 17.625” (449 mm) worktable

  • Rotary table anti-rotation kit

  • Dual element air filter/regulator for air bearing supply

  • Grade A black natural granite surface plate (24” x 60” x 8”) & welded steel base frame

  • 48” model GSI-48P/24A inspection style gage stands mounted to granite with dual arms

  • (2) lever-type & (2) plunger-type probes with extension cables & fine adjust mounts

  • USB Genspect controller box with (1) rotary encoder input and (8) USB probe inputs

  • Windows PC preloaded with Genspect software

  • 27” color monitor, keyboard and mouse

  • Mobile electronics cart

  • Certified gage blocks for gage head calibration

Working Envelope

  • Max axial load (centered and balanced): 1,000 lbs (454 Kg)
  • Max part diameter (swing): 46” (117 cm)
  • Max part height (OD probe access): 46” (117 cm)

Engine Lines

Compressors (HPCR) and Turbines (HPTR):

  • CF34-3/-8/-10
  • CFM56-5/-7
  • F108
  • F110
  • F110-100/-400
  • F110-GE-132
  • F404-GE-400
  • F404-GE-402
  • F404-GE-100D
  • F404-GE-F1D2
  • F404-GE-102
  • F414
  • Genx-1B/-2B GE
  • Passport/-20
  • GP7200
  • RM12
  • LEAP-X

Turbines (HPTR) Only:

  • CF6-6
  • CF6-50
  • F103/CF6
  • LM2500/+/-G4
  • LMS100


Land & Marine


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