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Click here to go directly to our YouTube Channel for additional videos, including short step-by-step videos of each of the form measurements using our MicroForm gage, and a demonstration of our MicroTIR “runout” display system.

ABTech gages combine air bearing accuracies with state-of-the-art electronics and intuitive software for ultra-precision performance, ease of operation and unmatched reliability. We also provide contract measurement and precision machining/assembly services

Walking through setup of a part on a MicroForm µFG150  roundness gage first using the concentric grooves on the worktable and then the adjustable tilt and center assembly. An accurate roundness measurement is acquired quickly using the direct drive motor option and.the resulting report saved in PDF format.  For more information on MicroForm gages, click here.

A step-by-step illustration of precisely centering a part to the air bearing rotational axis on the MicroForm roundness gage using the spherical seat tilt and center worktable feature. For more information on MicroForm gages, click here.

Electronic indicator packages featuring wide format color touchscreen user interface with on-board file storage and wireless network capabilities for enterprise connectivity. See both an analog needle and digital values with the max and min values captured and the Total Indicator Reading (TIR) displayed. Input your part number and description and print the result as definitive verification to your customer or as a traveler for the part through the next manufacturing process steps. Single indicator model is standard, optional dual indicators and encoder input are available. Combine with ABTech rotary air bearing tables, gage stands and granite surface plates for turnkey solutions.  For more information on MicroTIR gages, click here.


ABTech Inc’s new ultra-precision air bearing rotary index table provides positioning to sub-arc second resolution for use with autocollimators or laser interferometers. Featuring our AT150 series air bearing table with spherical seat tilt and center adjustable worktable, a position holding “brake” and fine adjust mechanism for infinitely dialing in the desired position. A compact netbook computer is provided preloaded with ABTech’s proprietary display software.

ABTech’s dual plane thickness comparative gages use air actuated force probes to measure thickness in two planes. The two probes measure more accurately than a single probe and allow the gage to measure contoured or recessed undersides. This video shows the mastering process and demonstrates the repeatability of the gage over the full upper probe travel using gage blocks of different sizes. Also demonstrated is the “zero” value when the two probes are in direct contact with each other (not recommended as a valid certification method and only possible when the optional flat probe tips are used).

ABTech’s ultra-precision rotary air bearing table for wet grinding applications and light-duty machining. A labyrinth seal prevents coolant from entering critical bearing surfaces in flood or mist coolant environments. A DC servo direct drive system and high resolution encoder provides variable speeds from 0 to 2400 rpms. The complete system is certified to axial and radial accuracy of less than 5 microinches, and angular or coning accuracy of less than 1 microinch per inch (or 0.2 arc seconds). Shown with optional single axis controller for setting direction and speed.

Ultra-precision air bearing linear slide for smooth and extremely accurate motion over 150 inches of travel to set large beam gages for on-machine measurement. ABTech’s digital readout (DRO) displays distance in micro-inch (submicron) resolution with programmable offsets and user selectable units of measure (SAE or metric). Both platforms feature vertical position control with locks and the floating carriage can be manually moved with a fine adjust hand wheel for very precise final adjustments.Other sizes of Setting Masters are available, as well as other ultra-precision metrology gages.

ABTech’s ultra-precision rotary air bearing table designed as a fourth or fifth axis for light-duty machining and grinding applications in flood coolant environments. Certified axial and radial accuracy of less than 5 microinches, and angular or coning accuracy of less than 1 microinch per inch (or 0.2 arc seconds). ABTech’s DC servo direct drive system with a high resolution non-contact optical encoder provides precise variable speeds from 0 to 2400 rpms. Programmable controller is also available as optional equipment, or integrate into your existing CNC machine controller.

Quality inspection style gage stands provide stable support and long reach for your electronic indicators. Featuring a portable three-point contact base, rectangular vertical posts with rack and pinion drives, and horizontal arms with friction drives for precise positioning of measurement probes for shop floor or ultra-precision quality control applications. Optional bases include; “air float”, T-slot and bolt down designs. Tool room style gage stands are also available.