Dual Probe Indicator Ready Screen Shot
Dual Probe Indicator Ready Screen Shot
MicroTIR Electronics
MicroTIR Electronics
The support that you guys have given us on this piece of equipment is excellent, and as a customer, I can’t ask for anything more!
Mark White
Quality Supervisor
Mid-State Machine


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Single & Dual Probe

Max Part Size: 32” dia. X 36” tall, Max Part & Fixture Weight: 2,200 lbs

Whether you need to make repeatable ultra-precision measurements for injector nozzles smaller than an inch in diameter, or for shafts measuring several feet, our MicroTIR™ gages are the most efficient and accurate solution. Every MicroTIR gage incorporates an ABTech designed and built rotary air bearing table mounted to an inspection-grade granite surface plate with vibration isolation leveling feet.

In addition to ultra-precision accuracy, our MicroTIR gages maximize throughput. Our streamlined user interface and operation eases your challenges in finding experienced operators because our gages can be can be operated by operators of all skill levels.

CMMs may be more versatile but they are also complex to setup, program, and operated, all of which impact overall productivity. If your application focus is on taking reliable and repeatable O.D., I.D. and face total indicator readings (TIR) measurements, our gages are a better choice.

Efficiency also means the ability to quickly reach all part surfaces and our tool room style universal single or dual probe gage stands provide just that. And our industry-leading adjustable tilt and center worktable offers quick and precise parts alignment while reducing eccentricity errors.

And because we believe in selling you only what your need, you can optionally purchase your choice of a turnkey MicroTIR platform, an electronic indicator and display package, or an air bearing gage platform to use with your existing dial indicator.

Features & Benefits

Measurement Versatility

Our TIR gages are versatile enough to measure a wide array of parts including in-process shop floor TIR measurements of shafts, gears, pistons, bearings, jet engine components, turbocharger and other precision machined or stamped parts. Each gage is also ideally suited to handle incoming part inspection for vendor compliance, optical lens inspection, alignment and assembly applications, and manufacturing process control. You can even make on-machine measurements although for best results and to avoid errors from your machine’s axis, we recommend measuring from a qualified axis or surface.

Ultra-precision Repeatable Accuracy

Free-spin rotary air bearing tables mounted to inspection-grade granite surface plates are the core of our TIR gage platforms. Stable and robust, our air bearing tables provide a maintenance-free and ultra-precision reference axis with certified system accuracy better than 5 µ” (0.125 µm). To ensure continued distortion-free operations, each gage platform includes an air filter regulator assembly.

Precise Part Alignment

ABTech’s adjustable tilt and center (tip/tilt) work tables allow you to quickly and precisely align your part to the super-accurate air bearing axis, reducing misalignment errors in your assemblies or measurements. Tool room style universal gage stands are mounted to the side of the granite base to give you maximum stability and flexibility in reaching all of your part surfaces.

Easy to Use Large Format Interface

Our MicroTIR electronic packages include an easily readable 10” wide format color touch screen. The user interface is designed to achieve two primary goals: display the results in a fashion that is familiar to most operators and only display necessary information. To accomplish these goals, probe displacement is displayed with a traditional analog-style needle. To easily see the variation spread, we display “ghost images” of the needle max and min positions. And live indicator readings are presented by a high resolution digital read out (DRO). We capture the essential maximum and minimum, and total indicator readings.

The base configuration includes a single precision lever-type electronic indicator but a second probe for individual or sum/differential probe display options can be added. An electronic encoder interface is also available which synchronizes the probe readings to the rotary position of your motion system.

MicroTIR displays are lightweight and portable units with onboard file storage and wireless network capabilities for enterprise connectivity. User selectable scale resolutions and SAE or metric units provide full flexibility for all of your part requirements.

Quick and Definitive Results

Instantly see the max and min readings of the probe displacement in both digital and analog-style formats. In displaying the calculated TIR, potential operator error and user subjectivity is removed. You can input part numbers and descriptions, and save or print your results for customer verification or as a traveler for the part through subsequent manufacturing process steps. And if your application calls for multiple readings, we’ve incorporated a “stackable” TIR results feature that can be combined into a single exportable report (PDF, CSV, Excel or other formats).

Tailored Solutions

We believe in selling you precisely what you need and no more. If you need a turnkey solution, combine both an air bearing platform with our electronic display package. Or if just enhancing your existing rotary platform will do the trick, purchase our MicroTIR electronic display package. And if neither of those options quite satisfy your requirements, we’ll work with you to configure or design the best solution to meet both your current and future needs.


Working envelope:

  • Axial load capacity (max centered and balanced): 2,200 lbs (998 Kg)
  • Max part diameter (swing): 32″ (800 mm)
  • Max part height (OD probe access): 36″ (1,220 mm)

Gage system certified accuracy:

  • Radial & Axial accuracy: <5.0 µ " (0.125 µm)
  • Tilt accuracy: less than 0.206 arc sec or 1.0µ”/in (0.025 µm/25mm)


  • Manual spin rotary air bearing table (Model AT400/400)
    • 440C hardened stainless steel air bearing components
    • Air consumption: 2.0 cfm @ 60 psi
  • Heavy duty spherical seat tilt and center adjustable worktable (Model TC8)
    • Height to worktable: 32″ (813 mm)
    • 16” (406 mm) diameter with 2.0″ (50.8 mm) thru hole with removable plug
    • Concentric ″V″ grooves in worktable equally spaced for rough centering
    • 1/4-28 tapped holes in worktable
    • Eight fine pitch screw type opposing knobs (4 centering, 4 leveling at 90⁰) for precise tilt and center adjustments
  • Granite surface plate and welded steel base frame
    • 36” x 36” x 10” granite and frame
    • Epoxy painted box-tubing welded steel base
    • Elastomer type passive vibration isolation mounts
  • Inspection Style Gage (GSI) stand with lever-type electronic gage head
    • 48” vertical square post with manual rack-and-pinion drive
    • 24” horizontal arm with friction drive and fine adjust gage mount
    • Drive assembly with 360° swivel and locks to hold post and arm positions
    • Ultra-fine adjust probe mount (#06338A), accepts electronic indicators, LVDT’s or precision dial indicators (indicators sold separately)
    • T-slot base plate mounted to granite surface plate with locking swivel mount
  • Dual element air filter/regulator for air bearing supply (model 00938A)
    • 5.0 micron pre-filter w/ regulator (0 – 150 PSI)
    • 0.3 micron second stage filter, oil/water removing (coalescing)
  • µTIR-10 MicroTIR Single Probe Display Package
    • 10” color touch screen user interface
    • Compact and lightweight for easy portability
    • Articulating Arm Mount for MicroTIR Electronic Display (#158-0057)
  • All specifications are at 60 psi and subject to change without notice.


  • HDTC4 style fine adjust Tilt and Center worktable for precision alignment
  • Large diameter worktables and extension arms for expanded part range
  • Rotary encoders
  • Motor drive options


  • MicroTIR electronic packages with precision lever-type indicators and 10″ color wide format touch screen display
    • µTIR-10: display with single lever-type electronic indicator
    • µTIR-11: display with single lever-type electronic indicator and encoder interface
    • µTIR-20: display with dual lever-type electronic indicators
    • µTIR-21: display with dual lever-type electronic indicators and encoder interface
  • Ruby tipped probes; various probe length and tip diameters
  • Single and dual gage stands
  • Welded steel base frames with vibration isolation leveling casters
  • Precision scroll chucks, iris alignment fixtures and custom collets
  • Certified 2μ” round master test ball and cover

View the datasheet for MicroTIR Display Packages.


  • Aerospace
  • Aviation
  • Automotive
  • Precision optics
  • Bearings
  • Semiconductors

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The support that you guys have given us on this piece of equipment is excellent, and as a customer, I can’t ask for anything more! Mark WhiteQuality Supervisor
Mid-State Machine
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