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Rotary Ball Bearing Tables

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ABTech designed these precision mechanical bearing tables with pre-loaded angular contact bearings and a ground internal shaft to provide an accurate rotational axis for general industrial applications. The BT series is completely portable because it operates without an air supply.

Rotary Ball Bearing Tables

BT Series Precision Ball Bearing Table

Download a product datasheet for the BT Series Rotary Ball Bearing Tables, Model BT150

Rotary Ball Bearing Tables – Product Specifications


The BT series is for applications requiring high accuracy, smooth motion and portability. BT150 series ball tables have load capacities up to 125 lbs (56.7 Kg).


  • A50 Accuracy Class: Radial/axial error motion to less than 50.0 micro-inches (1.25 microns).


High-resolution optical encoders (available with millions of counts per revolution); direct drive brushless DC motors (with a wide range of motor, torque and load sizing), digital amplifiers and programmable controllers.


Precision adjustable tilt and center (tip/tilt) work tables from 6 inches (150mm) up to 12 inches (400mm) in diameter; inspection-grade granite surface plates; gage stands.


  • BT150/150: 6” (150mm) bearing with 6” (150mm) work table
  • BT150/200: 6” (150mm) bearing with 8” (200mm) work table
  • BT150/250: 6” (150mm) bearing with 10” (250mm) work table
  • BT150/300: 6” (150mm) bearing with 12” (300mm) work table