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Rotary Motion Air Bearing Tables

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ABTech’s air bearing rotary tables provide ultra-smooth motion, sub-micron accuracy and absolute repeatability for the most demanding applications.

Rotary Air Bearing Tables

Standard AT Series Rotary Air Bearings

HDRT Series Air Bearing Rotary Tables

HDRT Series Air Bearing Rotary Tables

Standard AT and heavy duty HDRT series air bearings are ideal for turning parts to check runout (TIR), alignment and assembly applications, as well as precision indexing, and light machining or grinding. Often these tables are used in the aviation, aerospace, automotive, energy, optics and medical industries.

Accurate, Repeatable and Smooth Motion

Manufactured with tight geometric tolerances ABTech air bearings deliver radial and axial error motion of as little as 1.0 µ” (0.025 microns), and angular errors (coning) of 0.5 µ” per inch (12.5 nanometers/25mm). With no mechanical contacting parts to wear or create drag air bearings have very little friction and provide ultra-smooth, repeatable and maintenance-free motion.

Superior Durability

Hardened stainless steel air bearing components provide many years of service and investment longevity. Also affords forgiveness for minor accidental touch downs resulting from low air pressure or excessive loading (most often can be repaired rather than more costly replacement).

Configurable Options and Accessories

Rotary air bearings come standard as manual spin tables and have optional direct-drives for AT series or gear driven motors for HDRT series for low speed applications (0 to 2000 RPM with custom torque and load sizing). All tables are available with adjustable tilt and center (tip/tilt) worktables; dual element filter/regulators (highly recommended); high-resolution optical encoders; position lock, angular position adjusters and displays (index table packages); digital amplifiers, speed pot and programmable controllers; inspection-grade granite surface plates; gage stands; MicroTIR display packages; vacuum and precision chucks; collets and fixtures; Choose standard base, foot or flange mount options.

Rotary Air Bearing Tables

Air bearing table with optional tilt and center worktable assembly

Rotary Air Bearing Tables

Air bearing table with optional direct drive and vacuum chuck worktable

Rotary Air Bearing Tables

Air bearing table with flange mount & optional large clear through hole

Rotary Air Bearing Tables

Air bearing table with optional granite, gage stand and MicroTIR display

Rotary Air Bearing Tables

Air bearing table with position lock, fine adjust and digital position display


Wide Size Selection

Choose the right product for your needs. Start with the air bearing that meets your maximum load requirement. Then select the worktable for your largest diameter part. In some cases you may need to move up to the next size air bearing in order to accommodate your largest part, even though the part weight might suggest a smaller air bearing table is appropriate.

AT Series Capacities
AT150 6″ Ø worktable*
 Up to 250lb (113Kg) and 12″ (300mm) max diameter
AT200 8″ Ø worktable*
Up to 500lb (226Kg) and 16″ (400mm) max diameter
AT300 12″ Ø worktable*
Up to 1,000lb (454Kg) and 24″ (600mm) max diameter
AT400 16″ Ø worktable*
Up to  2,000lb (907Kg) and 32″ (800mm) max diameter

Standard A2 accuracy class (other accuracies may be available)
*Other sizes of worktables are available as options
Note: Final load capacities will be reduced based on the worktable size and/or tilt and center assembly selected

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HDRT Series Capacities
HDRT500 20″ Ø worktable*
3,000 lb (1,361 Kg) and up to 40″ (1016 mm) max diameter
HDRT550 22″ Ø worktable*
4,000 lb (1,814 Kg) and up to 44″ (1118 mm) max diameter
HDRT600 24″ Ø worktable*
5,000 lb (2,268 Kg) and up to 48″ (1219 mm) max diameter
HDRT650 26″ Ø worktable*
6,000 lb (2,722 Kg) and up to 52″ (1321 mm) max diameter

Standard A10 accuracy class (other accuracies may be available)
*Other sizes of worktables are available as options

Note: HDRT units are designed for heavier loads and therefore recommended to be weight preloaded to achieve optimal performance. 

For more detailed specifications download a datasheet for our AT series air bearings DATASHEET All our products are designed, manufactured, assembled and tested exclusively by ABTech at our Swanzey, New Hampshire facility. Every air bearing reflects ABTech’s high quality standards and exemplifies our company-wide commitment to “Pride in Precision” craftsmanship.