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Combination Rotary Air and Ball Bearing Table

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NOTE: This product line has been discontinued and replaced by our new HDRT series low profile heavy duty air bearing tables with better accuracy and no mechanical bearing components to wear out or damage. The information below is for legacy product reference only.
Rotary tables in the ABT series combine ultra-precision air bearings for lift with radial ball bearings specifically for heavy, larger diameter parts that require precise rotary motion in low profile applications.

ABT Air Ball Rotary Table

ABT Series Combination Air Ball Tables

Rotary Ball and Air Bearing Table – Product Specifications


The ABT series is for applications requiring high accuracy, and smooth motion for high load capacity in a low profile design. The ABT series tables are appropriate for heavier parts which provide the necessary pre-load to achieve the stated accuracies.


  • A40 Accuracy Class: Radial/axial error motion to less than 40.0 micro-inches (1.0 microns).


Clear thru-holes or fixed threaded center mounts accept gage posts for ID runout measurement applications.


Precision adjustable tilt and center (tip/tilt) work tables from 14 inches (350mm) up to 24 inches (600mm) in diameter; inspection-grade granite surface plates; gage stands.


  • ABT350/350: 14” (350mm) base with 14” (350mm) work table
  • ABT350/450: 14” (350mm) base with 18” (450mm) work table
  • ABT450/450: 18” (450mm) base with 18” (450mm) work table
  • ABT450/600: 18” (450mm) base with 24” (600mm) work table
  • ABT600/600: 24” (600mm) base with 24” (600mm) work table

Refer to HDRT series for replacement sizes, capacities and performance specifications