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Oil Hydrostatic Stages for Linear Accuracy

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ABTech manufactures linear oil hydrostatic slides for ultra-precision machining and grinding applications.  Our box type design features opposing pads in both horizontal and vertical directions for superior accuracy and stiffness

Oil Hydrostatic Linear Stages – Product Specifications

Oil Hydrostatic Linear Stages


Ultra-precision machining and grinding


Straightness and Flatness: 5.0 micro-inches/inch (0.125 microns/25mm)
Position accuracy: <20.0 micro-inches (0.5 microns)


  • standard carriage dimensions: 9.5″ by 12.5″ (240mm by 317mm)
  • standard travel: 6″ (150mm) ~ other travel lengths available)
  • nickel plated construction
  • direct drive brushless DC motor
  • high resolution encoder
  • maximum velocity: 4 mm/sec
  • electrical travel limits and shock absorbing end stops
  • hard covers and fabric bellows covers
  • maximum load capacity: 400 lbs (180 Kg)


Oil Hydrostatic Linear Stages

HPU Hydrostatic Pump Unit

Hydrostatic Pump Unit (HPU): closed loop DC servo motor and gear pump with pressure sensor to prevent movement with low pressure

Drive amplifier and motion controller