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Linear Air Bearing Square Stages

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For end-supported “span” applications or any application that requires uniform stiffness all around the rail with multiple carriage face mounting options, choose ABTech’s ultra-precision LAB-S series square air bearing stages. These slides are also commonly used in vertical orientations with internal counterbalances. Choose from 4 inch (100mm) or 7 inch (180mm) carriage widths and rail lengths up to 42 inches (1067mm) for extended travel.

Linear Square Stages

Download a product datasheet for the LAB-S Air Bearing Linear Stages, Models LAB-100S and LAB-180S

Linear Air Bearing Square Stages – Product Specifications


Indexing and translation, precision machining and grinding, research and measurement systems.


  • A1 Accuracy Class: 5.0 micro-inches/inch (0.125 microns/25mm)
  • A2 Accuracy Class: 15.0 micro-inches/inch (0.375 microns/25mm) Note: Granite rail options are offered with A2 accuracy only


  • aluminum, stainless steel, ceramic or granite rails;
  • aluminum or stainless steel carriages;
  • vertical, horizontal or stacked configurations.


  • high-resolution optical encoders (available with millions of counts per inch);
  • direct drive brushless DC motors (with a wide range of motor, torque and load sizing);
  • drive amplifiers and programmable controllers;
  • end stops (fixed or pneumatic);
  • bellows or solid way covers;
  • cable management systems.


  • LAB-100S: 4” x 4″ (100mm) wrap-around carriage (formerly Model #LAB-4S)
  • LAB-180S: 7” x 7″ (180mm) wrap-around carriage (formerly Model #LAB-7S)