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Linear Air Bearing Rectangular Stages

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ABTech designed these ultra-precision linear air bearing boxway slides with a fully preloaded air bearing carriage to provide resistance to offset loading and stiffness to support heavier loads or stacked configurations. The tight form geometry control of the linear box rails and the central placement of the optional linear drive ensure both accuracy and minimal offset errors in a low profile design. Standard carriages sizes are 6 inches (150mm) up to 10 inches (250mm) wide, and rail lengths are available up to 42 inches (1067mm) for extended travel.

Linear Rectangular Stages

Stainless Steel Rectangle Design Linear Air Bearing with Direct Drive

Linear Rectangular Stages

Aluminum Rectangle Design Linear Air Bearing with Direct Drive

Linear Air Bearing Rectangular Stages – Product Specification


Precision machining and grinding, form and dimensional metrology, tooling or part automation, wafer scanning and computer-to-plate systems.


  • aluminum, stainless steel, ceramic or granite rails;
  • aluminum or stainless steel carriages;
  • fully supported or end supported rail mounting;
  • fully constrained, magnetic or vacuum preloaded carriage designs;
  • vertical, horizontal or stacked configurations.


  • A1 Accuracy Class: 5.0 micro-inches/inch (0.125 microns/25mm)
  • A2 Accuracy Class: 15.0 micro-inches/inch (0.375 microns/25mm) Note: Granite rail options are offered with A2 accuracy only


  • high-resolution optical encoders (available with millions of counts per inch);
  • direct drive brushless DC motors with a wide range of motor, torque and load sizing
    (available on LAB-200R and larger models only);
  • drive amplifiers and programmable controllers;
  • end stops (fixed or pneumatic);
  • bellows or solid way covers;
  • cable management systems.


  • LAB-150R: 6” x 6″ (150mm) carriage (formerly Model #LAB-6R)
  • LAB-200R: 8” x 8″ (200mm) carriage (formerly Model #LAB-8R)
  • LAB-250R: 10” x 10″ (250mm) carriage (formerly Model #LAB-10R)