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Motion Stages for Linear Accuracy

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We offer three main types of linear motion stages with a number of different variations to cover most ultra-precision applications. Suitable for individual single axis or multi-axes stacked stage arrangements, linear air bearings can be manually operated or outfitted with integrated motors. Full rail mount or end supported options in various material choices depending on thermal, vibration and other working conditions. As precision motion experts we will help you configure exactly what you need, and if our standard product designs or options don’t fit your unique application our engineering team can provide a custom solution.

Linear Motion

Linear Dovetail Stages

Dovetail Linear Air Bearing Stages

In ABTech’s LAB-D linear air bearing slides, the precise machining of the rail and carriage angled sides eliminates the need for pivoting air bearing pads and creates a larger, stiffer bearing area to hold higher loads. These ultra-precision stages are designed for manual translation with a fully supported dovetail rail which can be end-mounted if desired. Carriages are available from 4 inches (100mm) up to 10 inches (250mm) wide, and rail lengths are available up to 42 inches (1067mm) for extended travel.

Linear Motion

Linear Rectangular Stages

Rectangular Linear Air Bearing Stages

ABTech designed these ultra-precision linear air bearing boxway slides with a fully preloaded air bearing carriage to provide resistance to offset loading and stiffness to support heavier loads or stacked configurations. The tight form geometry control of the linear box rails and the central placement of the optional linear drive ensure both accuracy and minimal offset errors in a low profile design. Standard carriages sizes are 6 inches (150mm) up to 10 inches (250mm) wide, and rail lengths are available up to 42 inches (1067mm) for extended travel.

Linear Motion

Linear Square Stages

Square Linear Air Bearing Stages

For end-supported “span” applications or any application that requires uniform stiffness all around the rail with multiple carriage face mounting options, choose ABTech’s ultra-precision LAB-S series square air bearing stages. These slides are also commonly used in vertical orientations with internal counterbalances. Choose from 4 inch (100mm) or 7 inch (180mm) carriage widths and rail lengths up to 42 inches (1067mm) for extended travel.

Linear Motion

Hydrostatic Linear Stages

Oil Hydrostatic Linear Stages

ABTech manufactures linear oil hydrostatic slides for ultra-precision machining and grinding applications.  Our box type design features opposing pads in both horizontal and vertical directions for superior accuracy and stiffness. Powered by a Hydrostatic Pump Unit (HPU) with pressure sensor to prevent movement with low pressure and optional drive amplifier and motion controller.

Linear Motion

Translation Stages

Linear Translation Stages

Mechanical stages adapt to single axis or stacked stage configurations, with high resolution and repeatability over full travel. Designed for the highly demanding optics industry these stages consist of super precision cross-rollers with fine adjust micrometer, allowing optical technicians and quality control inspectors to locate the crown of lenses for surface profilometry.

All our products are designed, manufactured, assembled and tested exclusively by ABTech at our Swanzey, New Hampshire facility. Every linear motion product reflects ABTech’s high quality standards and exemplifies our company-wide commitment to “Pride in Precision” craftsmanship.