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Linear Air Bearing Dovetail Stages

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Dovetail style linear air bearings are engineered and precisely lapped to match the rail and carriage angled sides creating a larger, stiffer bearing area for higher load capacity. These ultra-precision stages are designed for manual translation with a fully supported dovetail rail which can be end-mounted if desired. Carriages are available from 4 inches (100mm) up to 10 inches (250mm) wide, and rail lengths are available up to 42 inches (1067mm) for extended travel.

Linear Dovetail Stages

Aluminum Dovetail Design Linear Air Bearing

Linear Dovetail Stages

Stainless Steel Dovetail Design Linear Air Bearing

Linear Dovetail Stages

Dovetail Style Linear Air Bearing with Dual Carriages

Download a product datasheet for the LAB-D Air Bearing Linear Stages, Models LAB-100D, LAB-150D, LAB-200D and LAB-250D

Linear Air Bearing Dovetail Stages – Product Specifications


Linear measurement, surface profilometry, force and resistance testing, tooling or part automation or assembly and vision systems.


  • A1 Accuracy Class: 5.0 micro-inches/inch (0.125 microns/25mm)
  • A2 Accuracy Class: 15.0 micro-inches/inch (0.375 microns/25mm) Note: Granite rail options are offered with A2 accuracy only


  • aluminum, stainless steel, ceramic or granite rails;
  • aluminum or stainless steel carriages;
  • fully supported or end supported rail mounting;
  • vertical, horizontal or stacked configurations.


  • end stops (fixed or pneumatic);
  • bellows or solid way covers.


Our LAB-D series of linear air bearing slides includes the following models:

  • LAB-100D: 4” x 4″ (100mm) carriage (formerly Model #LAB-4D)
  • LAB-150D: 6” x 6″ (150mm) carriage (formerly Model #LAB-6D)
  • LAB-200D: 8” x 8″ (200mm) carriage (formerly Model #LAB-8D)
  • LAB-250D: 10” x 10″ (250mm) carriage (formerly Model #LAB-10D)