with motor drive and foot mount

with motor drive and flange mount

Air Bearing Spindles

ABTech’s high precision air bearing spindles provide the ultimate performance utilizing a proven and robust design. High stiffness, load capacity and very low error motion make these spindles ideal for precision machining, grinding, single point diamond turning, and high precision scanning. Available with integral brushless dc motor and encoder in low speed configurations for work holding or higher speed for grinding and scanning applications.

These orifice compensated air bearing spindles use a single piece of 440 CSS shaft and thrust plate with 660 bearing bronze journal providing a proven, robust and forgiving design. Available in a variety of sizes and speeds with a flange, foot, or a-thermal mounting.

Optional motion controllers incorporate a digital amplifier with easy-to-use programmable controls and digital spindle speed readout. Fully integratable with your existing CNC controller.

With this modular design approach and complete engineering support capabilities ABTech will respond quickly to provide a custom solution to your unique O.E.M. needs for ultra-precision motion. No need to settle for standard catalog offerings for your application.

Configuration Flexibility to Meet Your Specific Needs

Part of our “Pride in Precision” philosophy means providing you with the precise solution needed. We don’t believe selling our customers more, or less, than what their application calls for. For over two decades working with our customers we’ve developed a broad range of options and accessories to address the majority of ultra-precision motion applications. (See options and accessories for a complete list.)
No matter how broad our product options, we realize they don’t address every possible application. Our precision motion experts will work closely with you to configure a rotary motion solution that will meet your exact needs.

Features & Benefits

  • Ultra-smooth motion with no static friction

  • Orifice compensated air bearing design

  • Low air consumption (0.9 SCFM)

  • Robust construction:
    Hardened 440C stainless steel shaft/thrust plate
    660 bearing bronze journals

  • Built in adjustment for balancing to customer's tooling

  • Liquid cooled motor and bearing housing

  • Flange, foot or a-thermal mounts available

  • Motor controllers and HMI available

  • Total radial error motion <2 μ”

  • Radial asynchronous error motion < 1 μ”

  • Total axial error motion <2 μ”

  • Dual plane balanced to G0.4 specifications

Land & Marine

Motor Drive Options

With proper selection and integration of high-performance brushless DC servo motors ABTech’s air bearing rotary tables provide ultra-smooth and precise rotary motion. With high torque, high performance motor drives, our motion experts will gather your specific requirements and work closely with our motor suppliers to create/select a motor drive that suits your specific application. Whether you need sub-micron position accuracy with minimal settle time and stringent following error specifications, high-speed constant motion, or a combination of both there is an ABTech rotary table that will meet your needs.

The motor drives are designed to accommodate a wide range of precision motion applications such as optical metrology; circular geometry gages; and micro machining with ultra-precision scanning, velocity control, speed regulation and precision indexing.

ABTech’s modular design approach facilitates multiple system configurations to optimize the price-for-performance required in your application. This approach allows the user to define the level of control desired for the most cost-effective solution. Our complete engineering services allow us to respond quickly to provide a solution to your O.E.M. requirements for ultra-precision rotary motion

AT 100
AT 100
AT 200 Direct Drive 1.25arcsec accuracy
AT 200 Direct Drive 1.25arcsec accuracy
AT 100 Foot Mount
AT 100 Foot Mount
AT 200 with variable speed motor, friction clutch and onboard DRO
AT 200 with variable speed motor, friction clutch and onboard DRO
AT 200 Direct Drive with/ TC8
AT 200 Direct Drive with/ TC8
AT 200 Wet Grind Table
AT 200 Wet Grind Table


Thank you for your interest in ABTech’s ultra-precision measurement tools and services.
Please tell us a little about what you need to accomplish and we will be in touch to discuss any of the additional details that will help you choose your best option.

Thanks a lot for your help. Your rapid, informative correspondence was invaluable. Hopefully I won't be bothering you with any further questions, but it's good to know you're willing. (following remote technical support provided for system installed at the South Pole) Morgan HedgesPost-doctoral Research Associate
Princeton University
Made in the U.S.A.

Every product we sell exemplifies our company-wide commitment to "Pride in Precision" craftsmanship. To that end, all of our products are designed, manufactured, and tested exclusively by ABTech at our New Hampshire facility.

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