MicroTIR+ Control Software & Electronics

Speed Production by Eliminating Rework in Turbine Assembly Process

Looking for a turnkey turbine engine assembly solution? By combining ABTech’s Engine Assembly System (EAS) hardware platform with our MicroTIR+ control software and electronics, manufacturers and maintenance organizations can dramatically reduce build times and eliminate measurement variability between operators.

Minimize Total Runout in Assembly the First Time

The foundation of our system is the air bearing-based hardware platform which ensures the highest level of accuracy and durability. But it’s the software that transforms the platform into an invaluable asset. With its familiar user interface and ease of use and training, our turnkey platforms equipped with our MicroTIR+ software, allow operators of all skill levels to accurately and consistently capture the critical runout measurement on individual turbine engine parts. This results in the ability to properly align component stacks to minimize total runout the first time. By eliminating the painful trial and error assembly process, productivity is dramatically improved.

Improve Profitability from Multiple Sources

The end result is lower vibration, less engine wear, a streamlined production process, and improved financial performance. Maintenance and overhaul procedures are also optimized. And the value of your critical engine assets is increased through extended engine life.

Powerful Features Useable by Operators of All Skill Levels

MicroTIR+ is enterprise friendly Windows-based measurement software for capturing indicator readings at user selectable angular increments. On screen “step-by-step” instructions are available to assist the novice operator through each measurement in a way that doesn’t reduce the efficiency of experienced users. This simplifies the initial training process and simplifies any “refresher” trainings that might be needed.

Coupled with a large touch screen monitor, the user interface with its intuitive navigation allows even the occasional operator to quickly achieve repeatable results. The software easily toggles between a main setup screen with active analog and digital runout meters and the results screen with graphical polar and linear charts. With our one button print feature you can either pre-format a hardcopy of the results in a clean page layout, or export the data in the most common file formats.

And the software provides the critical flexibility to accommodate a range of environments. Display and output options are customizable and users can select scale resolutions and SAE or metric unit options. To facilitate easy part reference on the measurement report and for file storage, custom input fields are also available.

Dual Gage Capability Further Enhances Throughput

To further speed the measurement process, all MicroTIR+ Engine Assembly Systems come standard with dual gage heads so two surfaces can be measured in a single step. Indicator readings – at user specified angular increments – and Total Indicator Reading (TIR) results are output for each surface. Separately view and analyze individual surfaces or overlay the results in one plot for a more complete “picture.” To quickly identify a location on the part, a continuously updated “live” indicator position is displayed on the results plot.

A Boon to Manufacturing and Maintenance Productivity

The benefits stack projection systems can deliver are significant. With our ultra-precision hardware platform and focus on simplified usability, ABTech systems are playing a key role in the introduction of significant new engines including General Electric’s LEAP and the GE9X.

We can tailor a solution to any variation of turbine engine for multiple applications including aviation, power generation, and land and marine transportation. As we have demonstrated in our partnership with GE, we can help you streamline production while increasing the life and value of your key turbine engine asset.

Thanks a lot for your help. Your rapid, informative correspondence was invaluable. Hopefully I won't be bothering you with any further questions, but it's good to know you're willing. (following remote technical support provided for system installed at the South Pole) Morgan HedgesPost-doctoral Research Associate
Princeton University
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