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MicroTIR™ Gages for Checking “RunOut”

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TIR Gages for Checking "RunOut"ABTech’s MicroTIR™ gages are accurate and repeatable air bearing platforms for precise part alignment and tolerance measurements. These gages are designed for easy setup and operation, providing reliable O.D., I.D. and face total indicator readings (TIR). MicroTIR display packages are sold separately or included for complete turnkey systems.

MicroTIR™ Gages Products and Specifications

Flexible configurations

Choose one of our air bearing TIR platforms as an upgrade or addition to your current equipment, or purchase just the MicroTIR electronic display package to enhance your existing rotary or linear platform. Combine both an air bearing platform with electronics for a complete turnkey system. We’ll work with you to configure the best solution to meet your needs today while providing you with future upgrade options to meet tomorrow’s.

Ultra-precision accuracy

Free-spin rotary air bearing tables are the core of our TIR gage platforms, providing a maintenance-free and ultra-precision reference axis with certified system accuracy better than 5 µ” (0.125 µm). The air bearing tables are mounted to inspection-grade granite surface plates for stability and robustness.

Precise part alignment

ABTech’s adjustable tilt and center (tip/tilt) work tables allow you to precisely align your part to the super-accurate air bearing axis, reducing misalignment errors in your assemblies or measurements. Tool room style universal gage stands are mounted to the side of the granite to give you maximum flexibility in reaching all of your part surfaces.

MicroTIR Dual Probe Screenshot

Dual Probe Total Indicator Readings

Easy to use large format interface

Our new MicroTIR electronic packages include a color touchscreen user interface and a single precision lever-type electronic indicator. Add a second probe for individual or sum/differential probe display with TIR results options. Electronic encoder interfaces are available to synchronize the probe readings to the rotary or linear position of your motion system.

MicroTIR Stacked Results PDF

MicroTIR Stacked Results PDF

Quick and definitive results

Instantly see both digital and analog readings of the probe displacement with the max and min values captured. The calculated TIR is displayed removing potential operator error and subjectivity. Input your part number and a description, and save or print the result as verification to your customer or as a traveler for the part through the next manufacturing process steps. Our newest software version adds a “stackable” TIR results feature for taking multiple readings and combining them into a single exportable report (PDF, CSV, Excel or other formats).

Multiple uses

In-process shop floor TIR measurements of shafts, gears, pistons, bearings, jet engine components, turbocharger and other precision machined or stamped parts; incoming part inspection for vendor compliance; optical lens inspection, alignment and assembly; and manufacturing process control. Also suitable for on-machine measurements (warning: your results will also include any errors from your machine’s axis. For best results it is recommended to measure from a qualified axis or surface).

MicroTIR Display with Electronic Indicator

MicroTIR Display with Electronic Indicator

MicroTIR Electronic Packages

  • µTIR-M1: display with single lever-type electronic indicator
  • µTIR-M1e: display with single lever-type electronic indicator and encoder interface
  • µTIR-M2: display with dual lever-type electronic indicators
  • µTIR-M2e: display with dual lever-type electronic indicators and encoder interface

TIR Gage Platforms

  • TIR100/150: Compact granite with 4” (100mm) air bearing and 6” (150mm) work table
  • TIR200/300: Granite and steel base with 8” (200mm) air bearing and 12” (300mm) work table
  • TIR300/600: Granite and steel base with 12” (300mm) air bearing and 24” (600mm) work table
  • TIR400/900: Granite and steel base with 16” (400mm) air bearing and 36” (900mm) work table
TIR100 with MicroTIR Electronic Package

TIR100 with MicroTIR Electronics

Model TIR200/300 with MicroTIR Electronics

TIR200 with MicroTIR Electronics

Model TIR300/600 with Dual Stands

TIR300 with Dual Gage Stands

TIR400 with MicroTIR Electronics

TIR400 with MicroTIR Electronics

Each platform is available with either single or dual gage stands.
Combine electronic packages and gage platforms for complete turnkey TIR gage systems.
Other sizes and configurations are available. Ask your ABTech contact for assistance.

For more detailed specifications download a datasheet for our air bearing MicroTIR Gages, Models TIR100, TIR200, TIR300 and MicroTIR Displays DATASHEET
For more detailed specifications download a datasheet for our MicroTIR Electronic packages, Models µTIR-M1, µTIR-M1e, µTIR-M2 and µTIR-M2e DATASHEET

As with all of our products, MicroTIR™ systems and proprietary software are designed, manufactured, assembled and tested exclusively by ABTech at our Swanzey, New Hampshire facility. Every gage reflects ABTech’s high quality standards and exemplifies our company-wide commitment to “Pride in Precision” craftsmanship.