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Thickness Gages

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ABTech’s dual plane thickness comparative gages use air actuated force probes to measure thickness in two planes. The two probes measure more accurately than a single probe and allow the gage to measure contoured or recessed undersides. Each thickness gage also includes a pneumatic control box and high-resolution digital display for easy setup and one-touch measurements.

Thickness Gages

TCG25 Dual Plane Thickness Comparative Gage

Download a product datasheet for the Dual Plane Thickness Gage, Model TCG25

Thickness Gages – Product Specifications


For comparative measurements to calibrated master gage blocks of overall stock thickness and finished dimensions on optical lenses, semiconductor wafers, and machined or laminated substrates up to 1″ (25mm) thick.


Position accuracy of 20 micro-inches (0.5 micron).


Thickness Gages

V-block Centering Plate shown adjusted for smaller parts

Thickness Gages

V-block Centering Plate shown adjusted for larger partACCESSORIES

Gage blocks for reference mastering; part-holding, v-block centering and other alignment fixtures; multiple probes and gage stands; custom granite sizes and welded steel base frames.


  • TCG25: 1” (25mm) measurement range
  • Custom probe travels and accuracies may be available