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Optical Radius Gages

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For the most demanding optical radius inspections, ORS gages feature a fully captured linear air bearing straight to 100 micro-inches (2.5 microns) over the full 40 inches (1 meter) of travel. The optical radius slide has a fine adjustment feature that incorporates a 40 pitch screw with worm gear and hand wheel that allows for precise movements below 40 micro-inch (1 micron) steps. A high-resolution glass scale provides 1 micron/meter accuracy and a high-resolution digital readout (DRO) displays the encoder position.

Optical Radius Gages

Download a product datasheet for the Air Bearing Optical Radius Gages, Model ORS1000

Optical Radius Gages – Product Specifications


Measurement and inspection of radius of curvatures for optics and linear accuracy of precision manufactured parts.


Straightness of travel accuracy of 100 micro-inches over 40” of travel (2.5 micron/meter).


  • Various high-resolution optical encoders (available with millions of counts per inch)
  • high-resolution glass scale and digital readout (DRO).


  • Part-holding and alignment fixtures; optical benches
  • multiple probes and gage stands.


ORS1000: 40” (1000mm) optical radius slide