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Compact µFG100 MicroForm Roundness Gage

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ABTech introduces the newest gage in the MicroForm family, for parts up to 8” in diameter, 12” in height, and weighing up to 50 pounds.  The new model µFG100 MicroForm roundness gage still offers speed, ease and confidence in measuring tight geometric tolerances with ultra-precision accuracy and repeatability, but in a smaller overall footprint.

NEW Model µFG100 MicroForm Roundness Gage

MicroForm Model MFG100


µFG100 MicroForm Roundness Gage – Product Specifications

MicroForm gages are ideal for in-process geometry measurements of shafts, bearings, gears, pistons, turbocharger and other precision machined or stamped parts; incoming inspections for vendor compliance; optical lens inspection; manufacturing process control and quality control lab analysis. The most common geometric form measurements are included; runoutroundness, flatness, concentricity (in and out of plane), parallelism and perpendicularity.

Accurate and repeatable

An ultra-smooth, maintenance-free rotary air bearing with a motor drive provides an ultra-precision reference axis. A responsive lever-type probe with nearly perfect linearity combines to provide overall system accuracy better than 5 µ” (0.125 µm).

Stable and reliable

The AT100 4″ air bearing is recessed in a machined base providing excellent stability. Extra effort was made to reduce “noise” so you’ll have confidence in the results being from the part alone.

State-of-the-art technology for fast measurements

A “real-time“ operating system eliminates resource conflicts typical with systems running on PC’s. The processor provides high speed data acquisition and tight synchronization of the indicator signal with the angular position of the rotary table for pin-point accuracy.

Quick part and probe setup

Tilt and center worktable has very fine adjustments to allow operators to align parts to the bearing’s axis of rotation, reducing eccentricity. The spherical seat design maintains the part’s center point when leveling, saving time and frustration in getting parts set up. An articulating gage arm lets you rapidly switch between a diameter and a face, or from an OD to an ID. No wasted time wrestling with locks or swivel joints. The gage stand is mounted on a linear slide for rapid positioning of the gage head.

Easy-to-use software with touchscreen navigation

MicroForm’s intuitive measurement program features two simple views on a large color touchscreen monitor to deliver results quickly and easily whether a novice or experienced operator. (learn more about MicroForm software)

Capable analysis functionality

Surface interruptions can be automatically removed during a measurement or easily edited out using our drag and exclude feature on the results plot. Analyze part harmonics, slope and lobing on the results screen or export the data for statistical process control (SPC).

For a printable brochure on the MicroForm Gage Model µFG100, Click here: ABTech MFG100 Intro Show Handout 2016

As with all of our products, MicroForm™ gages and proprietary software are designed, manufactured, assembled and tested exclusively by ABTech at our Swanzey, New Hampshire facility. Every gage reflects ABTech’s high quality standards and exemplifies our company-wide commitment to “Pride in Precision” craftsmanship.