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MicroForm™ Retrofit Upgrade for Roundness Gages

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Are you tired of wasting time waiting for your old unreliable gage to take a measurement? Are you keeping your fingers crossed hoping it doesn’t break down because you know you can’t get replacement parts? ABTech now offers MicroForm retrofits for your existing roundness gage!

MicroForm Retrofit Gage System

If your gage uses electronics and operating systems from the 1900’s you’re suffering with slow speed, poor graphics, obsolete parts and lack of support. ABTech’s retrofit option is a true upgrade, including refurbishment of the air bearing, updating the motor drive and encoder to the current state-of-the-art, and adding the MicroForm controller and measurement software.

ABTech’s MicroForm’s intuitive navigation and easy-to-use software is now available as a retrofit “upgrade” to your air bearing based roundness gage for a fraction of the cost of a new system. The most common form measurements are included; covering roundness, flatness, concentricity (in and out of plane), parallelism and perpendicularity. We’ve also incorporated our novel “live RunOut” feature for quick in-process shop floor TIR/FIM checks. Click here for more information on MicroForm software.

MicroForm Retrofit – DataSheet

Download a datasheet for air bearing based MicroForm Retrofit Upgrades
MicroForm Metrology Controller

A “real-time“ operating system with dedicated FPGA processing platform and signal conditioners are included in the MicroForm controller. These are the workhorses for running the measurement algorithms, eliminating resource conflicts typical with systems running on PCs. The on-board processor results in high speed data acquisition and instantaneously synchronizes the indicator displacement with the high resolution encoder for pinpoint accuracy.  The processing platform not only provides tremendous system performance but also permits future system enhancements without the cost and downtime associated with obsolescence of electronic hardware.

ABTech tilt and center (tip/tilt) worktables can be added to allow very fine adjustments to align parts to the bearing’s axis of rotation, reducing eccentricity. Our worktable’s spherical seat design maintains the part’s center point when leveling, saving the operator time in setting up the part for measurement. Upgrade to ABTech’s precision inspection style gage stands to complete the package.

Contact ABTech to see if your existing gage can be retrofitted with the MicroForm™ system.

New MicroForm™ air bearing gages are available in benchtop or large capacity sizes to meet all of your measurement requirements.

As with all of our products, MicroForm™ gages and proprietary software are designed, manufactured, assembled and tested exclusively by ABTech at our Swanzey, New Hampshire facility. Every gage reflects ABTech’s high quality standards and exemplifies our company-wide commitment to “Pride in Precision” craftsmanship.