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MicroForm™ Roundness Gages for Precision Measurement

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ABTech MicroForm™ gages quickly and easily measure precision geometric forms with unmatched repeatability.  Each roundness gage incorporates an air bearing rotary table in a robust platform to deliver ultra-precision results. Our proprietary software is powerful yet intuitive, and navigation is simplified with our 22” touchscreen user interface.

MicroForm Bench Top Roundness Gages

MicroForm Articulating Arm Roundness Gages

MicroForm MFG200T Close up

MicroForm MiniTower Roundness Gages

MicroForm MFG450

MicroForm Large Capacity Roundness Gages

MicroForm Retrofit System

MicroForm Retrofits

MicroForm Software

MicroForm Software

Whether you have small parts requiring custom fixtures, large diameter heavy-weight parts, or tall shafts with deep bores, we have a MicroForm gage platform that will meet all your needs for measuring roundness, flatness, concentricity, parallelism and perpendicularity.


We also offer a retrofit option that will save you thousands of dollars by upgrading your current air bearing based gage with a new MicroForm controller and software.