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Form Measurement Gage Accessories

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For our metrology gages, rotary and linear axes and complete motion systems, ABTech manufactures accessories at our Swanzey, New Hampshire facility, including:


ABTech’s quality gage stands provide stable support and long reach for your mechanical indicators or electronic probes, to enable fine adjustment and access to deep bores. Fixed or adjustable base options, additional swivel and arm assemblies, arm extensions and a range of sizes are available for both shop floor and ultra-precision quality control applications.

Toolroom Gage Stand

Toolroom Style

GSU Universal Style Gage Stand

Universal Style

GSI Inspection Style Gage Stand with T-slot mount

Inspection Style

Tool room gage stands (GST series) come with a standard portable base and a large footprint for stability. The gage arm swivels vertically and horizontally and fully extends with a secure position locking feature. Fine-adjust three-point contact tilt bases as well as fixed granite mount bases are also available.
  • GST-24P/12A: 24” (600mm) height, 12” (300mm) arm length Shop Now

Universal style gage stands (GSU series) are portable versions of the optional secondary stands used on our MicroForm gages. The gage arm moves vertically and horizontally via friction drives with locks to secure their position against drift. Fine-adjust three-point contact tilt bases as well as fixed granite mount bases are also available.

  • GSU-24P/12A: 24” (600mm) height, 12” (300mm) arm length

Inspection style gage stands (GSI series) feature rectangular vertical posts with rack and pinion drives, and horizontal arms with friction drives for precise positioning of measurement probes. This style comes standard with fixed mount bases for granite plates or other worktables. Adjustable t-slot bases are also available.

  • GSI-24P/12A: 24” (600mm) height, 12” (300mm) arm length
  • GSI-36P/18A: 36” (900mm) height, 18” (250mm) arm length
  • GSI-48P/24A: 48” (1200mm) height, 24” (600mm) arm length
  • GSI-60P/24A: 60” (1524mm) height, 24” (600mm) arm length
Download a product datasheet for these gage stands


ABTech’s tilt and center (tip/tilt) work tables facilitate ultra-precise, ultra-smooth X/Y tilt adjustments. Available with 6 inch (150mm ) to 24 inch (600mm ) diameters and with clear apertures, they allow precision positioning of parts to the axis of rotation.

  • TC4 Series Adjustable Tilt and Center (Tip/Tilt) WorktablesThe TC4 series comes in two styles: a spherical seat tilt design with 4 spring-loaded knobs (2 centering, 2 leveling) for lighter loads on smaller air bearings (up to 8 inches or 200mm ) or a three-point pivot “tip/tilt” design for heavier loads and larger air bearings (up to 16 inches or 400mm ). We designed these for quick one-handed adjustments for more efficiency on the production floor.
  • The TC8 series also features a spherical seat tilt design with 8 opposing knobs (4 centering, 4 leveling) to TC8 Series Adjustable Tilt and Center Worktablesmaintain the adjusted center point during leveling, minimizing the need for realignment. Both adjustments can be locked down to prevent hysteresis during rotation, as preferred by quality and inspection technicians.


We designed our natural solid granite bases with welded and epoxy painted steel frames and elastomer type passive vibration isolation mounts with adjustable leveling feet. Available in inspection, tool room or lab grade and in many sizes and configurations (including multi-level and gantry bridges), these surface plates provide a stable foundation for ABTech’s ultra-precision motion systems. Options include threaded inserts for mounting additional components; an on-board air supply tank (for safe emergency shutdowns); or passive air isolation base systems to enhance the granite’s natural ability to isolate vibrations.


Fixed Base Electronics Rack_FrontAvailable as accessories to your gage or motion system are our mobile electronics cabinet and fixed base electronics rack. These are designed to safely store all of the electrical components for your system and provide easy access to monitors and keyboards. Electronic cabinets are constructed of heavy gauge sheet metal and powder coated for durability, with heavy duty swivel casters and locks for easy mobility. A pull out keyboard and mouse tray is included along with an articulating monitor mount. The fixed base electronics rack has a low profile stable base plate to slide under granite frames or other work centers for space saving. Adjustable keyboard and mouse shelf and monitor mount make for comfortable use by individual operators.


Want to re-certify your precision gage yourself? ABTech manufactures 1/2″ diameter MicroTest™ ball sets with certified accuracy traceable to the ABTech Master Test Ball SetsNational Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) of the United States of America. MicroTest balls are made of tungsten carbide with a stainless steel magnetic base and a threaded Delrin protective cover. Each master test ball set comes with a “Certification of Calibration and Traceability” to at least 2.0 micro-inches (0.05 microns) accuracy after having been tested using ultra-precision form measurement gages; calibrated gage blocks directly traceable to NIST ; and the Donaldson ball reversal technique to eliminate spindle error isolating only the error of the test ball itself.

  • µTB.5-A2: 1/2″ Certified MicroTest™ Ball Set Shop Now


(Highly recommended for all air bearing systems) ABTech offers two filter/regulator assemblies to control the amount of air pressure that is supplied to the air bearings and keep air line contaminates (such as water, oil or solid particles) from entering into the small orifices and gaps in your air bearings. Both models come with 5.0 micron pre-filters, a wall mount bracket and 6 feet (2m) of air hose and fittings, along with the following secondary coalescing filters:

  • 00787AC: 0.5 micron coalescing secondary filter Shop Now
  • 00938AD: 0.3 micron coalescing secondary filter

Dual Element Filter Regulator Assembly #00787ACDual Element Filter Regulator Assembly #00938AD


Mechanical Linear Translation StageABTech’s mechanical linear translation stage adapts to single axis or stacked stage configurations, with high resolution and repeatability over long travel. Designed for the highly demanding optics industry, it achieves vertical and horizontal straightness of 40 micro-inches/inch (1 micron/25mm ). The linear translation stage consists of super precision cross-rollers with fine adjust micrometer, allowing optical technicians and quality control inspectors to locate the crown of lenses for surface profilometry.

  • LTS100: Linear translation stage with 4 inch by 4 inch (100mm by 100mm) carriage top


Vacuum Controller 2011Selecting the right gage is only part of the process. Proper gage setup and part fixturing may be the difference between an accurate measurement or expensive and potentially needless scrap. ABTech works with you to solve both your gage and fixture problems. Standard products and customized options for aligning and holding your parts include:

  • vacuum worktables and tunable controllers
  • optical lens fixtures
  • 6″ and 12″ diameter precision metrology centering fixtures
  • precision collets

Challenge our engineers to design a fixture for your unique application.

Download a product datasheet of our NEW Precision Centering Fixture Model PCF150