MicroForm µFG450 Roundness Gage

MicroForm Roundness Gages

Quickly & Easily Measure Precision Geometric Forms with Unmatched Performance

The foundation of our MicroForm line of roundness gages is an ABTech designed and built precision air-bearing rotary table providing a stable, robust and maintenance-free reference axis with certified system accuracy better than 5 millionths of an inch (5m” or 0.125 mm).

Our powerful yet intuitive software simplifies navigation, and the touch screen interface displays the results in a straightforward and familiar way. Combined, these ease-of-use features allow operators of all skill levels to take exacting measurements on the shop floor or in the QC lab. Standard features also include auto-interrupt, harmonic analysis, polar and strip chart reports, and PDF printable reports.

MicroForm gages measure roundness, runout, flatness, concentricity (in and out of plane), parallelism, and perpendicularity. A unique analog-style TIR meter simplifies part alignment and provides a quick in-process shop floor check. They are deployed for a variety of manufacturing and quality functions including in-coming inspection for vendor compliance, in-process tolerance confirmation, manufacturing process control, and quality control.

All models let you rapidly switch from a face to a diameter feature or an ID to OD. The articulating arm and probe mount feature detents at 90 degrees for quick and stable movement so you will not waste time wrestling with locks or swivel joints.

Unique Large and Tall Part Capabilities

These gages are turnkey systems with working load capacities up to 6,000 lbs and worktable diameters up to 48" without compromising accuracy or repeatability. With our counterbalanced tower designs, the sky is practically the limit for the vertical height of the probe.
MFG 200 MicroForm with Large and Tall Part Capabilities
Microform 300 Roundness Gage
MFG 200 MicroForm with Large and Tall Part Capabilities
Main Screen with Analog Style TIR Meter

Main Screen with Analog Style TIR Meter

MicroForm’s intuitive software features two simple views that clearly layout access and navigation. On the left sidebar of the main screen, you will find all the form options are always visible. The analog-style TIR meter is large and easy to read. For the novice operators, on-screen “step by step” instructions are available. The touch screen allows quick navigation between main and results screens.

Results Screen with Polar Chart

Results Screen with Polar Chart

The results screen and large polar chart are uncluttered and easy to read. You can quickly print or save a pdf file of the data. And to provide remote file storage and enterprise connectivity, each PC includes an Ethernet network card. Auto interrupt feature allows automatic exclusion of interrupted surfaces or easily edit out using our drag and exclude feature.

Harmonic Analysis Results

Harmonic Analysis Results
The flexibility to analyze part harmonics (slope and lobing optional) right on the results screen. Or, export the data for statistical process control (SPC).

Features & Benefits

  • Air bearing rotary table providing ultra-smooth, repeatable and maintenance-free operation

  • Highly responsive lever-type probe with excellent linearity over the full travel

  • Real-time operating system with FPGA processing platform and signal conditioners eliminating resource conflicts typical with systems running on PC’s

  • Gage stands designed for precise, stable movement while optimizing ease of use

  • Standard tilt & center worktable to center and level parts to the bearing’s axis of rotation reducing eccentricity, increasing accuracy of results and reduces time and frustration during setup of the part for measurement

  • Intuitive navigation for shop floor use as well as full function analysis for quality control labs

  • Step-by-step instructions for novice operators without reducing efficiency for experienced users

  • Touch screen color monitor

  • Easily customizable outputs and display settings such as filter, plot scale, units, and analysis type


  • Optional integrated motor drive
  • Universal style gage stand on a T-slot base (replaces the articulating arm style)
  • Second gage stand and probe with dual-probe software upgrade
  • Vacuum worktable and controller to hold sensitive lightweight parts
    safely and securely


  • Various probe lengths, tip diameters and materials
  • Welded steel base frames with vibration isolation leveling casters
  • Electronics cart to house PC, monitor and MicroForm controller
  • Precision centering fixtures, custom collets and part-specific fixtures
  • Certified 2µ” round master test ball and cover for system accuracy verification

MicroForm Spec Sheet Table

µFG200TµFG300 µFG400
System Accuracy
Radial & Axial
Tilt< .2 arcsec or 1.0µ”/in (0.025µm/25mm)
Working Envelope
Maximum Part Diameter
406 mm
610 mm
Maximum Part Height
(OD probe access)
914 mm
1524 mm
1,524 mm
Height to Worktable41"
1041 mm
940 mm
762 mm
Axial Load Capacity500 lbs
226 Kg
1,000 lbs
454 Kg
2,000 lbs
907 Kg
Air Bearing Diameter8″
203 mm
305 mm
406 mm
Tilt & Center Worktable Configuration
203 mm
305 mm
406 mm
with removeable plug
38.35 mm
44.45 mm
50.80 mm
Tapped holes
Knob Adjustment Configuration4 centering, 4 leveling at 90⁰
Gage Stand Configuration
StyleMini TowerCounterbalanced Tower
QuantitySingle (standard) & Dual Probe (option)
Air Consumption
Metrology ControllerIndependent electrical box contains “FPGA” based “real-time” operating system
PCWindows OS desktop with 22 touchscreen
Product Dimension36" W x 20" D x 92" T
914 x 508 x 2337 mm
77" W x 42" D x 106" T
1956 x 1067 x 2692 mm
90" W x 42" D x 106" T
2286 x 1067 x 2692 mm
Product Weight650 lbs
295 kg
2300 lbs
1050 kg
2600 lbs
1180 kg


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Thanks a lot for your help. Your rapid, informative correspondence was invaluable. Hopefully I won't be bothering you with any further questions, but it's good to know you're willing. (following remote technical support provided for system installed at the South Pole) Morgan HedgesPost-doctoral Research Associate
Princeton University
Made in the U.S.A of U.S. and imported parts

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