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First-Ever Precision Measurement/Loading System for GRIN Optical Thin Film measurement

ABTech’s fully automated air bearing system measures, serializes and sorts ultra-thin optical films for manufacturing gradient, refractive index (GRIN) lenses. AT300/800 air bearing turntable with a SP138 air bearing spindle. Dual high-resolution encoders for precise positioning and DAQ. A UR10e collaborative robot with custom vacuum and anti-static tooling. A laser station that provides and measures beam path through SP138 centerline, with 4 expandable film stations and additional service stations.

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5-Axis Air Bearing Positioning System

ABTech’s 5-Axis air bearing project was designed and built for the National Ignition Facility at Lawrence Livermore Labs. The National Ignition Facility, or NIF is a stadium sized facility used to study advances in Fusion energy and it contains 192 laser beams that are focused onto a single target that is only 0.022” in diameter. These targets are made up of several double shell layers that are diamond turned and epoxied together…

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5-axis air bearing positioning system
Multi-axes air bearing machine for NASA NuStar x-ray telescope

Multi-functional Air Bearing Machines for NASA NuStar X-ray Telescope

NASA needed a machine that would safely and quickly produce optics for their long-delayed NuSTAR X-ray telescope. The scientists at NASA challenged ABTech to develop a multifunctional machine that would act as a diamond turning lathe, an indexing tool for raster grinding and an assembly station – all in one. ABTech met the challenge. Two machines were delivered to Columbia University’s Nevis Astrophysics Lab in quick fashion, putting the project back on schedule.

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Sonnax Air Bearing Lathe and Metrology Work Cell

Increasingly tighter part tolerances on transmission parts made it more difficult for typical off-shore sourcing channels to meet the quality standards being demanded by the major automotive manufacturers. To solve this international sourcing logistics problem, a leading manufacturer of OEM automotive parts contracted ABTech to design and manufacture a turnkey work cell.

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Multi-axis air bearing lathe and metrology work cell
Custom vision scanning spindle

Custom Rail Air Bearing Imaging Spindle

ABTech designed a set of three high-speed air bearing spindles that were synchronized for the 3-dimensional image scanning and inline inspection, to inspect the track, switches, tunnels and bridges for potential maintenance issues, the system was mounted on a dedicated rail car traveling at 75 mph allowing the spindles to create a 3-D image of the rail every 10 cm (less than 4″).

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5-Axis Air Bearing Optical Measurement Metrology Platform

OptiPro Systems, a well-respected optical machine manufacturer, contacted ABTech thinking they simply needed a supplier of air bearing stages for development of a prototype metrology station. When the dust settled, the best path to their solution was leveraging OptiPro’s core competencies in optics and ABTech’s core competencies in air bearing-based metrology systems.

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5-axis air bearing optical measurement metrology platform
AT400DD with single axis motion controller

AT400 Direct Drive Rotary Air Bearing Installed at the South Pole

Researchers at Princeton University needed a large diameter ultra-precision rotational axis with a motor drive. Sounds routine. But there were some catches that made this project more than a bit unusual.
• First, the entire research project needed to be installed on the top of a rotary table.
• Second, they needed to run their tests continuously over a period of several weeks.
• Third, their sensitivity level was so high that the system had to be installed at the South Pole to eliminate the effects of the earth’s rotation!

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Land & Marine
  • EDAC Technologies
  • Corning
  • Chesterton
  • Oberg Industries
  • L3 Technologies, Inc.
  • Trend Performance
  • Diamond Racing
  • Turbocam International
  • Rochester Precision Optics
  • GE Aviation
  • Clarity Medical Systems
  • Magellan Aerospace
  • Feintool
  • OptiPro Systems
  • Fives
  • Gooch and Housego
  • Ferrotec
  • RBC Bearings
  • Schlumberger
  • GE Energy
  • CTS Engines
  • Rockwell Collins
  • ASML
  • Cummins
  • FEI
  • Moore Nanotechnology Systems, LLC
  • NuStar
  • Solar Turbines
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Pratt & Whitney


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Thanks a lot for your help. Your rapid, informative correspondence was invaluable. Hopefully I won't be bothering you with any further questions, but it's good to know you're willing. (following remote technical support provided for system installed at the South Pole) Morgan HedgesPost-doctoral Research Associate
Princeton University
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