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Have you been looking for that perfect gage or motion system, but can’t find it? Nearly all of our products have been created from situations similar to that. We take pride in our ability to listen, to learn and to put together the best possible design. Let our engineering team be an extension of your industry expertise. Together the right solution is within reach.

We specialize in metrology gages and motion systems for aerospace, aviation, light source targeting, medical, performance automotive, precision optics, research, semi-conductor and other high-accuracy industrial applications. Our team brings you a rare combination of comprehensive in-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities focused on air bearing technologies and integrated systems.

Consulting ServicesCustomer Consultations

At ABTech, we take the time to thoroughly understand and identify the precision specifications that will meet your performance requirements. We’ll recommend or modify one of our existing products, or we’ll design and build a custom engineered, turnkey, integrated system leveraging existing base designs. We’re here to end your search and help solve your ultra-precision challenge.

Mechanical Engineering

ABTech mechanical engineers are adept at matching your application’s specific needs to an engineered solution, determining individual axis performance and overall system accuracy based on your load capacity, stiffness, torque, inertia and any other mechanical requirements. We understand the ABTech Engineeringcritical importance of proper set up and part holding and we’ll go beyond the system design to offer our expertise in creating custom fixtures or accessories.

Electrical Engineering

We analyze motion profiles; design and build HMI’s (human machine interfaces), digital read-out (DRO) displays and motion controllers; select encoders and other electronic components; size and match the motor type to the application requirements (rotary AC & DC servo direct drives, linear motors, lead screws, ball screws, gear drives); mitigate electrical noise and tune servos. We continuously evaluate commercially available motion control components to give you the most advanced yet cost-effective choices.

Software EngineeringMicroForm Screen Shot

We’ve developed our own MicroForm™ metrology software covering a variety of form, orientation and location measurements (see MicroForm software). MicroForm was designed based on input from experienced QC technicians and machine operators for ease-of-use, speed and repeatability. The architecture chosen allows for user flexibility and in-field remote updates.

We can also write custom software programs to meet your unique, challenging inspection applications or industry specific analysis needs. We provide custom application design, process development, CNC G-code programming and application-specific front-end user interfaces.

Project ManagementProduction Planning at ABTech

ABTech’s project management style ensures scope and schedule integrity and excellent customer communication, with design reviews, top level approval drawings and progress reports at every stage. We meet your performance requirements quickly and effectively, on time and on budget.

Don’t settle for something close because you think a custom solution is too expensive.

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