Employee Spotlight Joe Breckell

Joe Breckell, Technical Sales at ABTechAfter graduating from Monadnock Regional High School, Joe wasn’t sure what path he wanted to take. He knew he was interested in college but didn’t know what field he wanted to study.  Joe worked part-time in the assembly department at Tidland Corporation while still in high school. After high school, he decided to take a full-time position on the 2nd shift where he worked his way up to being a CNC lathe machinist.  This experience gave him the opportunity to see what he would be interested in pursuing for a career.

Towards the end of his first year in school, Joe was introduced to the SPDI program (Sustainable Production Design & Innovation) at Keene State College. He decided to become a part-time student while continuing to work full-time on the 2nd shift. With his current employment and interest in manufacturing, it was a great opportunity to continue his education in the manufacturing field.  In May 2013, Joe had graduated from Keene State College and was ready to continue his career.

Following graduation, Joe began working at Moore Nanotechnology Systems. He started in the assembly department and with hard work and dedication, Joe was trusted to perform the final geometry inspection of machines. After three years at Nanotech Joe was ready for a change. He wanted to continue learning in the manufacturing field. This time instead of being behind the scenes he decided to look at potential jobs where he would be interacting with customers.

Joe is the latest addition to the ABTech sales team. With his background in precision manufacturing taking the jump into Technical Sales was quite natural.  With Joe’s fascination with the many different ways to manipulate metals into intricate finished products, he was a great fit for the position.  This opportunity has given him a glance into another side of the manufacturing world and has exposed him to more manufacturing processes.

Although Joe has only been with ABTech for a short period of time, he has adapted well to his new role. He has been able to learn about ABTech’s products and now feels confident talking with customers about their variety of applications.

Joe Breckell Employee Spotlight Avalanche Training Joe has always enjoyed outdoor activities, he recently finished a Wilderness First Responders course, Avalanche 1 course, and is currently looking into taking the Avalanche 2 course. Each of these courses will come in handy when he goes backcountry snowboarding during the winter. For the spring, summer, and fall months Joe enjoys hiking, riding his motorcycles and dirt bikes.

Thanks a lot for your help. Your rapid, informative correspondence was invaluable. Hopefully I won't be bothering you with any further questions, but it's good to know you're willing. (following remote technical support provided for system installed at the South Pole) Morgan HedgesPost-doctoral Research Associate
Princeton University
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Every product we sell exemplifies our company-wide commitment to "Pride in Precision" craftsmanship. To that end, all of our products are designed, manufactured, and tested exclusively by ABTech at our New Hampshire facility.

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