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Message from our President

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What does “Pride in Precision” mean?  To have the natural desire to do the best at whatever it is you are doing.  Whether it is mowing the lawn, building the most precise and highest quality geometry gages in the world, or managing relationships we take pride in doing the best we can do.

The great Vince Lombardi said “Practice doesn’t make perfect, Perfect practice makes perfect”

ABTech has a history of taking Pride in Precision in manufacturing and has built a reputation for quality products.  We have always had a highly functioning team atmosphere at ABTech and recently took on the venture of taking Pride in Precision in managing relationships.  We are working internally together to refine our Emotional Intelligence skills such as self awareness, giving and receiving feedback, managing triggers, and creating a safer coaching atmosphere.

I am confident that together we will continue to learn and grow towards perfecting a company culture that we will all take great pride in.

I want to thank all of our ABTech family members for participating in this new venture and for opening up to new ways of communication.  I am grateful to my dear friend Jeff Saari of Visionary Coaching, LLC for guiding us through this journey. 

I would also like to encourage any and all managers, CEO’s, business owners, and Entrepreneurs out there to take a serious look at your own Emotional Intelligence and reflect on how you treat those around you.  What is it like to have a conversation with you?  A fantastic example of how this can turn things around for your company is the “World Famous Pikes Place Fish Market” owned and operated by John Yokoyama.  Check out his book “When Fish Fly”, it could change your life, I know it changed mine.

Ken Abbott

Ken Abbott,
ABTech Inc. Founder and President