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Pride in People

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At ABTech our intention is to make better every interaction we have with each other and our community. Company collaboration, learning, innovation and well-being are outcomes of this intention.

How do we do this?ABTech Pride in People Tshirts

Choose our attitude – We have the power to choose our response to difficult situations and as a result we find opportunities we never imagined possible.

Support each other – The glue in our humanity is in being fully present for one another. We are not tuned out, distracted, or focused on the past or future, but simply in the present moment.

Make their day  We look for ways to “make someone’s day” through small acts of kindness or unforgettable engagements, turning routine encounters into special memories.

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Have fun – We enjoy what we’re doing and working with each other; co-workers, customers and vendors alike. Having fun sparks creativity, productivity and job satisfaction.